Psychology, Iowa State College. Illustrated. Second
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lucent mass whose cut surface appears granular and whose margin is
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attribute which may be described as fairness is also
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Clay M. O. Langhus, N. Kansas City .. W. H. Goodson, Liberty
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of all of the adenoma, particularly for large glands.
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relnspection of meats and supervision of processes 87
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V. Diabetes Insipidus, with a Report of Five Cases. By Thomas B. Futchbb,
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tion of the ciiihryo In iilmi. hut also with the chan^'cs that occur during'
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It should also be remembered that, although the inspector is not paid an excessive
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The A of the colonic contents increases progressively, tending to
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of closure of mitral valve shown in Fig. 1 (Fig. 3) 189
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Gentry-Worth 1 Emmett B. Settle Rock Port Charles D. Humberd .... Barnard
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slaughterhouses, while that of the United States applies in practice
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helief has arisen partly from the similarity l.elwcen the jieiieral hehavior
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of all cases seen. The average age for breast cancer
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continuing the anticoagulant. This is becoming less
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are comparatively rare nowadays, due to the widespread prophy-
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in susceptibility between them; the cytological changes are in every instance
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later it was noticed that his head had become enlarged. During the next 6
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been referred to, extends downward to below the point where the esophagus
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pipes at the top of the respiration chamber, access of air to these
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the purpose of keeping these rooms sweet and clean and of preventing any odors Jn case a
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When the flock was brought to the Experiment Station, in July,
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shall be conveyed from one State or Territory or the District of Columbia into or through
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five sections, as follows: (1) California; (2) Texas, Oklahoma, Mis-
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therap., v. 16, pt 4, p. 330-338. Edinb. and Lond., Dea, 1903.
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number of inspected horses shipi>ed to. fiscal year UKr^-O 19