years ago, through the carelessness or ignorance of her attending physician, my

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were still a few crepitant rales. No cardiac disturbance. The animal

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oral cavity a twitch had to be applied. On opening the mouth a

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slight return of pulsation in the arteries after about two days, which,

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the firing-iron in the upper part of the. parotid region. Antiseptic

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Malignant carcinomatous intra-orbital growth with destruction of the eye in a

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custom, to evacuating the liquid collected in the peritoneum and pre-

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right lateral surfaces, but not affecting the urethra, was found on its

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stomach in particular, favours rupture. Chronic hernise, consequent

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considerable age, probably not less than two or three years, and pos-

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dissected so as to expose the numerous soft red tumours scattered

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cations, are requested to give notice of the same to the General Secre-

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the one hand to prevent diseases and death, and, on the other, to act

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in a thin stream. The sheath was washed out with warm 2 per cent,

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blood-corpuscles, cylindrical casts, and sometimes a little glucose. It

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diminishes or entirety removes the lameness for a time, and thus

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they should, in time of peace, utilise the time in organising and per-

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agriculture and dairying, country gentlemen, physi-

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brane, their walls being formed by ragged lung-tissue. There was no-

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thoracic cancer are daily accumulating ; and I would fain hope that the

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arteries and the heart's efforts to overcome it, an increased arterial ten-

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imperfect indication of the varied changes to be made out in diseased

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dull, and became exhausted more readily than usual. This was the

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old, it was long believed that the method was dangerous, and that

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thoracic and abdominal organs were affected. Shortly afterwards a

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(for the certain cure of this most miserable malady),

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it occurs graduall}- ; neither haemoglobinuria nor visible changes in the

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surgeon's function is limited to recognising the cHnical forms and the

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number of beds will, it is expected, soon be increased to fifty. Children,

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regardless of human life? Surely not. This presence of mind is the

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state of the pulse ; and as practical men choose between them.