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Brigade- Surgeon J. F. Beattie, Dr. Bridgwater, Dr. Carte
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sprung up in the interior mining regions are equally well provided. The
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the district for investigation. If the police surgeon was
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Herman, Dr. Wise, Dr. Burgess, Dr. Wallace, Dr. Silcock, Dr.
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tion and the external occipital protuberance, according to
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modation for 3,500 persons, the same number as the Theatre
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D.nRiKO the week ending Saturday, April 1st, Sol births and 039 deaths,
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In this ease the blood supply to the body of the uterus is con-
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numerous attempts which have been made to remove the
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Owens College; C. R. Jones, University College ; F. J. Woods, Uni-
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tiguous villages, with a joint population of 2,000 or over, to
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CASE XIV. In u-hich the Appendix was Lodqed in. the Inquinnl (Janal.^
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maids, all with diphtheria ; towards the end of November a child at one
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M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R C.P.Ed ; J. W. Greenwood. M.R.C.S.Eng., L .S.A.
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6. Another fear had reference to adhesions ; I was especially
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The adjourned ordinary general meeting of the Medical
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mean of the daily maximum and minimum values. Mr. A. B.
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in the skin, the way in which touch, heat, cold, and pain are
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organic iron of the food, which, therefore, becomes absorbed,
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castle-upon-Tyne ; W. H. Warwick, College of Medicine, Newcastle-
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note that all the following had mild discrete small-pox :
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Officer of Health for the Poplar Board of Works District of the Poplar
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Secretary. Salary, £100 per annum and board for the latter. Ap-
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Fig. 1.— Hair-like appendages upon the bracts of the hop catkins
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pore, Phoolpore, Belwa. .Amorah, Dnomooreaguuge, and Jugdespore,
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British Institute of Public Health ; Mr. S. R. Lovett, Medical
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about two hours. Later on a lotion containing cocaine,
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'in her carriage she being at that time a fortnight from her full term, that
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notes of; (1) A case of Psorospermial CJjets of Ureters;
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sition of starch into maltose and dextrin by pancreatic
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the pelvis into which the pus was burrowing was slit ud on a
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second, and third right cervical nerves by the new growth.
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the Council's report for the past year will be presented. The