death-rate from certain diseases is to be utilised as a true sanitary organ,
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Week end, July 15. Week end. July 22. Week end. July2i5. Week end. Aug. 5.
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also, but its microbe has not yet been satisfactorily identified. In
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along the white line. The peritoneum was perforated with a blunt
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condition as pericarditis, probably of tuberculous character complicated
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swelling, the size of a small egg, without local fluctuation. This was
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Newcastle and Gateshead during 1S6S and 1869. Notes of a Case of
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and restocked, but even when they have remained empty for several
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divided as follows : — I. To Dr. Junod, for his work entitled " Les Me-
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had some difficulty in getting him to answer questions. His pulse and
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with them nowadays ameliorating circumstances, which
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painful, and traumatic fever pronounced. The pulse was 120 ; respira-
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pawed and turned his head towards the right flank, indicating that as
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lific inventor of new procedures, and fearless as to what he undertook
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presentatives of the Branch in the General Council : T. Davies-Colley
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inger by its use, I became so weak I could scarcely hold up my head. One
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with avian cultures showed that the rabbit is very sensitive to this form
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with much approbation by his audience. To the opponents of the
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considerable state of excitement, and vomiting a dark tluid with a strong
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sinuous track, ending on the left surface of the trachea. It discharged
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the future, for if he did she would probably go through
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Case v. — A delicate struinous boy, aged 8 years, had a sharp attack
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from heart-affection. But the result was not so happy in the last case
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The tongue was coated. Temperature, morning, 98. Sdeg. ; evening,
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Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Google Book Search helps readers
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temperature 397° C. The heart's action was more regular, the pulse
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reports and other matters of medical interest: — The Indian Medical Gazette,
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he should at once openly assert that, as fear of the disease "is an efficient
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appalling to bystanders was not so to him, for he saw only that which he
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fatally progressive. Whether or not insufficiency be complicated
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prevailing opinion which appeai-s to us a very delusive fallacy. It is
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to the vacancy as Surgeon, and Mr. H. S. Ilowse has been appointed
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treatment he rapidly amended. This was a case of true scurvy in a man
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leprosy; and the disease advanced no further after the operation. — Mr.
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lenged head of the obstetric department of medicine, not only in this
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general conclusions drawn from experiments on a single species.
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obstruction, which finally reacts on the left ventricle. In the lung the
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power may be brought to bear upon the contents of the pleura by