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sick, and in promoting every kind of community work, which has for its
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that the mass of mankind should strive to exchange many of their habits
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jections. During the whole time he continued at his work,
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that the first of these fliers was suffei'ing from diplopia ("an eye condition
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to be taken according to law, and at the mouth of two or three sufficient
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of the rectum. Ketrofixation, by either the vaginal or the abdominal
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on the tonsils, which has it analogue where in erysipelas of the
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ing as they do totally in pathogenesis, structure, frequency,
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internally, and a few pounds externally, are consumed during the course
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have been handed down none of us are especially thankful to the artist
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according to his uniform custom in all such cases —
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ceedings of the Illinois State Medical Society, May, 1895; and in the
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ther condition that he should go at once to Europe and make up for
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oil. Careful investigation on the following day elicited the following facts, viz., com-
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Age. — It is well known that children and old people
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It is the evil effect of the popular mistake and its
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The characteristic peculiarities of the Exanthemata are the follow-
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from the case now described, that the cause of the murmur might be different
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nia successfully. Dr. Read had seen an aggravation of the symptoms
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questions, and is certainly not devoid of interest for the most purely practical
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usually be found. In a series of consecutive cases the writer found in
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Admissions by Type of Disposition in CONUS 1 (Superseded)