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which memory is rendered possible, is the fundamental process of

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Maudsley. Tboee doctrines cannot be examined and be treated

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The Conference state that the first three cases occurred on

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births by the marriages, no allowance being made for the wives

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is apparently an indifferent substs^ce. Bilirubin is insoluble in

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perfect health. Bokitansky would seem to incline to the same

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vascular systems, as the intemperate use of stimulating liquors, especially in

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woman, arrived from Alexandria on August 4, was attacked (in the

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fatal cases, we find that congestion (more or less complete) of the

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inhabitants — their privations and comforts — their states of filth or cleanli-

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about the eyes and nose, and perhaps in the mouth or

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crystals ; and, last of all, a series of yellow or yellowish-brown sub-

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D. Sands, No. 79 and 100 Fulton St., New York. Sold also by Chas. Ellis & Co., 5G

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tinually; he complained of a weakness and tenderness of the loins, and

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puffery and self-glorification is short. Those who have risen to the highest

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reading or work. The eyes look somewhat prominent in

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of bone, including some small fragments of the orbitar plates.

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only way in which adenoids can be positively diagnosed is

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translucent, and on the application of iodine assumed the charac-

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chloride penetrates, induration and cessation of pulsation ensue, and

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during which time many symptoms of chlorosis appeared. She then fell into a

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adds to the confidence of the public in a proprietary nos-

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her stay in the river she was particularly healthy, having had only

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ous speculations have been raised, as to whether the head, after decapitation,

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bladder, pretty large. In one of Billard's cases of diseased kidney yet to

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If, therefore, a body be so much decayed that it forms part of the earth,

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a cantharides-green colour. Hssmatoidin is very easily soluble in

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will be rendered practically impossible and the "attack"

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that an uniform system of statistics should be, without delay,

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children being unduly housed up because parents fea

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either in a carriage or on foot. His digestion is thus improved, his

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Effect of belladonna upon an irritable eye. — A female of highly nervous

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