that no part of the West has suffered more from loco than this section
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terests of society, crimes, especially those of great enormity and violence, can
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Pocket size. Limp leather cover, gilt top. Pp. xii + 346, with 21 Illus-
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high-pitched, crowing sound, and the attack ends in a spell of coughing
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charged, but kept in military hospitals, in order that they
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tainly agree with our author that its cure may be effected in the short-
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absence, on surgeon's certificate of disability, granted in
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ment from the bowels is pretty good evidence that they
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results in an increased oxidation and a lessened excretion of
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non-nitrogenous approximately as 1 : 2.3 ; 1 : 3.3 ; 1 : 3.9 ; 1 : 4.8.
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water. Inasmuch as urea is rapidly el-rnin-ited by healthy kidneys, these
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rion that determined one’s position in society. The Brah-
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The diagnosis was seemingly quite plain ; it was supposed to be a uniloc-
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off and the sac tamponed. Three months later the patient, after
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pain. Rattling noises and rough grating were produced by
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cases shown, and the annual feast winds up the occasion.
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Of course, the essential thing as regards gastroptosis
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shortly fell to 70. She expressed herself as greatly relieved. After taking the
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slightly enlarged thyroid gland and a general gastro-
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effectually it influences the opinion and practice of our own
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martin (G.) Des rapports de I'oBil avec I'epilepsie. J.
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the tyrant Polycrates. His discourses had such success, that
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like and paroxysmal ; it is felt low down in the pelvis
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very steadily, as since the warm weather I have been troubled
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The good results of Crede's method are sufficiently convincing to
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under the influence of an unwholesome and' stiir.ula-
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which are not devoid of nutrition, whereas, pica denotes a desire for innu-
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parents who may have given many defective children to the public to
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tematically, taking up the various systems in rota-
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lus alone is as incapable of developing the malady as
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maxims: 1. The true obstacle to reduction of a dislocation is al-
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posterior is changed only to relieve the burning sensation
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there is intra-articular fracture, it should be performed immediately. The in-
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Lymphatic Glands. — The mesocolic glands are frequently swollen,