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and exit, must seemingly in their course have damaged
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limited to this degree of mental disturbance. If the quantity taken has
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will now be necessary to determine whether this consists in a
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reported in an American journal ; and in the nearly fatal case, oo-
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months ago, the pain was so intense as to make the patient cry out r
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being dismissed with half a page, though it is recommended in
to and from the chamber-pot ; generally discharging a teaspoonful
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received with marked approbation by many of the profession. In
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Association was formed. A faithful picture of the last century of this
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On motion, the Association proceeded to elect Delegates to attend
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was not a reliable criterion of real physical growth — that a
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is barely possible, especially if there is still some water in the
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hold. Puddings, either with or without fruit, when not very
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servatism, and it has been regarded as good practice to wait a
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weight upon that part of the sternum and the imminent
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ance in the urine that indicated any organic affection of the bladder ; on
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His operation consists in preparing the patient as in other
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"My own claim is of a very different character, and I renounce
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6*6 per cent of rock-salt. There was no sulphuric acid or bile ingredients.
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in the same way that a man might direct the physical movements of a child.
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precautions against inflammation, but to maintain the solubility of the
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for they continued for a long time, apparently uninfluenced by
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upon close examination I found that the shoulder presented. I
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causes directh^ applied to their surface, producing sympathetically
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In young children, where there is a protrusion of the bowel
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such mineral waters a different density from artificially com-
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lo! the suspicious-looking sack came abruptly to a ccecal end
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the bowels exhibit precisely the same microscopic appearance as
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Therefore, your committee finding nothing that infringes upon the
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ingredient in several quack medicines, as the "Electrical Febrifuge,"