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pensatory lumbar curve. There is considerable horizontal ro-

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indeed they do much harm ; when once the part is converted

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throughout the attack. An alkaline fever mixture is useful. Insomnia

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stances which coagulate the albumin of the blood, or from the

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Association at New Orleans, La.. May 8 and 9. 190;i.

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had directed their attention to the view put forward by Dr. Little, and

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months, much fruitful observation and investigation has

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lesion from disease." Guy's Hospital Reports, Vol. II., 1837, p. 279.

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the diaphragmatic peritoneum being involved in all. Four of the

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intertubular tissue to supply the tubules after the blood has gone through

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solve. All are convinced that a concentration of thought

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teriorly in til • line of tin- fissure iiiid tlir posterior aii^le

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tion locale de boues thermales k Dax. M6m. et bull. Soc.

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same time destroying an equal amount in unclean bills.

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suggestive of osteitis deformans. He had tion, and has only once seen the slightest

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marks. The saliva is increased and often dribbles from the comer

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of cojjper. Hcsides, he had many accidents ; three times

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By acting as doctor or medical adviser for certain persons alleging themselves to be or

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culty in passing water ; irritability of temper, aggravation of the symp-

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the growth and surrounding tissues. In extrinsic disease

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rivers contained a sufficient amount of salt to destroy all the

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egories of critically ill patients show that 74% to 100%

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Inspection. — The mucous membrane of the laryngeal walls

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but it will be readily seen that a really disseminated myelitis must, and

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of diphtheria. He mentioned a case in point, that of

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different one from that of acute nephritis. In this latter disease little or

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depressing action, and that — apart from the evil influences

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true, but still based upon a good deal of evidence, that the sensory fibres

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scirrho-caoeer into confusion, attd embarrass the young surgeon unneces-

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the period of infancy has passed, is a profoundly in-

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Dr. L. L. MoAethue had seen Volkmann's method carried