treatment and were followed up according to the protocol
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amount of thick, grayish-brown material. In the mesentery there were
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As an epitome, the little volume before us is very complete
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presence of the tumour undoubtedly predisposes to premature interruption
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pleted twenty years full-pay service, to be Surgeon-Major.
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calices. At times they may be embedded in the substance of the kidney,
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indicated for the treatment of initial episodes and the
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Second, the posterior or occipital end of the inter-
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have not perhaps been suflficiently recognized in hemor-
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raised above the normal, and at the next the thermometer may mark 105^
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this department. I want to say that the spirit for good honest
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lature. So many schemes for medical legislation, including provisions
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inside. The eloquent plea that the secretary of this
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for a week, with frequent agitation, after which filter through
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that which is good," by which he implies that we are to cast
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subjective sjmptoms, and, on objective examination also^ only high
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and subsequently moderation in the amount of writing and giving
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lasted only eleven days, and was very light. Continue opium, food ; cod-liver
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quency. Murchison noted it in only 15 of 58 cases, and gives it as his
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by the extension of the growth, and giving the pecu-
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condition appeared due to the mechanical overdistension of the
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regular astigmatism. The left cornea became entirely
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sive. The urine is very abundant and is more frequently voided
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cribed as pathognomonic of hysteria. Pre-disposed to superstition and the
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tressing results and signs of the dyspepsia. Sometimes nausea
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the two cases just referred to Miiller found that indigo blue
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toxin often causing very little fever and very slight local
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quantity of wood. With a rapidly diminishing supply and
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equipped laboratories, — an abundance of hospital work,— a large and efficient corps of
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Transactions of the twenty-first Annual Meeting of the Medical Society of