histor}', previous diseases, and conditions of the viscera. In all patients
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Ulcers of the Cornea. — White ^ thinks the Protective Bandage
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Symptoms. — The disease generally begins suddenly, occa-
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Bouiey and Raynal ; experiments were > in the wards of our hospiials by the aid of
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A belief is now rapidly gaining ground, and acquiring a hold on
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manifestations in Billiarzia Mansoni unassociated with eosinophilia, and
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kidney differ in man and dog. Complete nephrotomy bilateral or imi~
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quently the short bones in which cancellous tissue is abundant, such,
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ter's theory and practice in the preparation of their medicines.
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ditions where there is disease at the auriculo -ventricular orifice the mitral
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present from October 21st to November ist, the urine
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' "^i^^cian should, if possible, remain with the patient If the first dose
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Intercurrent affection April 5, 1900 (sixty-three days after injection), and on
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It must be understood that the various clinical manifestations here
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fulness as antigen, when grown in vitro. Furthermore, it is conceiv-
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before judicious treatment, as does also delirium tremens at
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variation. In the most extreme form the back is rounded, the
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physiologists, communicated to the society of Berlin his ideas on the
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palpate the stone and assist its passage. Curative treatment
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perforations of the tube, was taken up by suction before
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treatment. In this disease, as in many other diseases of the nervous system,
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Pathology. — Of the 96 cases collected, 76 were probably of the diffuse