about twenty-four years of age. He does not appear to be acutely or

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around the joints. At the time of observation he was recovering

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association with polyuria, and it has been the indication of a bad

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most convenient instrument to use. The filtrate was washed into

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In order to ascertain what fraction of the C.S.F. is responsible for the

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Backmann, E. L. Die Erregung des liberlebenden Uterus und Darmes durch

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they would probably have been found to be haemolytic at some time. It

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costal cartilage. It is important to remember that the first- and last-named

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of compensation, the cardiac condition being discovered accidentally during

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imposability of diastolic portions of the volume curves. W. C.

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Bonnert, D. The prognostic value of Weiss's urochromogen reaction in

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Moir, a localized cardiac form of typhoid has not hitherto been described.

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being epinephrin solution close at hand. This same procedure should be

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pain was greatest at night "rcciuiring niorphine." When seen on April

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the lymphatic defence once suflSciently overcome may lead to

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It was at first difficult to determine the dose of horse serum or

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ments, as the result of stimulation of the left accelerator nerve,

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Since in all these experiments the heart-action was seriously

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examination, I discovered a slight tumefaction near the origin of

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to apply the irradiations less frequently and to make them as intense

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He now drinks practically nothing except on rare social occasions, but

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Dr. R. C. Cabot. I would like to ask Dr. Wilson if he finds his work

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and fall of the leukemia. His spleen is not palpable. He is up and about

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Lereboullet reports three cases showing the benefit obtained in cases of

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it would, in the individual case, be a step towards keeping the child under

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was considered a decided improvement on the more rigid forms.