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medical school holds a wrong attitude toward therapeutics,
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There is considerable evidence to prove that the normal intestinal
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Read before the Hartford County Meeting, Aj^ril, 1861.
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16, 1846. — I met the late Mr. Quekett, of Wellclose-square, in the case of a
whole was an improvement in mastication and articula-
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7.3:539, 1959. Dickinson, R.L., JAMA, 728:490 (June 16) 1945. Biskind, Mod. Med., 22:128 (June 15) 1954.
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systole, and may, therefore, be called a ventricular
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grains of tribasic phosphate of calcium, and from thirty to sixty grains of
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Effect of Ruivi. Six rabbits were injected with 10 c.c. of rum
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— The heart in man is double, as though two hearts were placed
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A nodular growth was felt, involving chiefiy the posterior lip
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In regard to ostracism of workpeople, Dr Niven says : " A
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which is inserted into the sweat pores, and blood is
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So far as causes are concerned, authorities are divided, some
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the figure of each one had assumed a dropsical appearance :