first the right arm and leg and then the left. The lips,

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not yet entered beyond the uterine tissue, and consequently

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of all cases of cancer. The tumor is situated generally between the false

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it unjustifiable as a rule ; in fibroid tumors, when

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The Retreat offers a full range of routine diagnostic,

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ward. It is usually dominated by some well-known blood dyscrasia, usu-

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paralysis of the half of the tongue on that side. In other cases, when the

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A writer in the *Saiurc7a?/ Review says: "In all great centres of scientific

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much irritation. They are also contra-indicated in epilepsy

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Induration is another termination of chronic inflam-

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the reason for the variation in the level of blood sugar at which

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eroded the thyroid cartilage, and which could not be removed

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inspections and visitations, suspended at the outbreak of the

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whether we have systemic infection, especially in cases

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-other, giving a smart tap on the opposite side. If the cavity formed, and

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suggested that this was probably the way that malarial disease was

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fore the Berlin Surgical Congress, in 1889, that, firstly,

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troduction of the catheter. " Concerning the bladder, the

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which probably was at first but a simple catarrhal srffection,

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phlegmasia alba dolens, puerperal fever, etc. It.-> scope is thus of the most

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valent here as an epidemic, and an opportunity thus

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altered by the visible rays. If this theory be correct we

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the age of the eliild ; hence, might easily have escaped

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perature 98. 4 , pulse 90; at 4. p. m. temperature 97.4 , pulse 90; at 7:30

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Sarbach (ibid., 1906, xv, 213), however, include under the term "thyroiditis

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vere, the inflammation is as yet in its primary stage. It often

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placed beneath the water-closet, and the contents of the former were con-