tion varies from twelve to seventeen days. Writers have instituted seve-
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in the axilla is useful, as a means of diagnosis, in these cases, showing a
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and irregularly scattered over the dorsal surface of the tongue
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Medical Sciences, April, 1870. Dr. Day was able to collect for analj^sis
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musculus cutaneus) of the neck and the region superficial to the
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of the image of a physical luminous point on the retina as
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The cartilage of incrustation was also changed in colour.
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+ Maintain attribution The Google "watermark" you see on each file is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find
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going great pressure from the latter The outer pillar cells
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I know of no theory of the mechanism of bruit de souffiet,
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explained, becomes legitimate on a further induction, whereby we shew that
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tliat contraction of the urethral orifice may take place after
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posed to be useful by limiting the amount of cutaneous inflammation, and
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during the night. In a large majority of the cases of the quotidian and
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come in contact with the cell surface not only by his 'bontones
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points of the Golgi net, which he in different levels and give the
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which a very thin superficial cytoplasmic film can be brought
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the last chapter, viz., intermittent fever, by the occurrence of remis-
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cerebral. Su cantidad disminuye por el proceso anab6Uco que
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logical evidence. Both conclude that there is direct phjrsiological
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w s 5 :; K ~^ a> 00 j, ui o >* i^ ^ -f •-- «
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without much pain. Cases have been reported in which they were dis^
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the greater part of the other bundle assists in forming the naso-
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blood-globules, together with renal epithelium and crystals of uric acid.
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dened surface. In some cases the whole cutaneous surface is covered
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pathological idea, the correctness of which is, to say the least, problema-
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lage, dislocations, loose or attached cartilaginous growth, and the peculiar
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mesencephalic root of figure 12 more highly magnified, it is
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Ipss pain and tenderness over the liver, conjoined with a cachectic condi-
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of 23 cases, 4 died ; in 1833, of 37 cases, 6 died ; and in 1834, of 34 cnses,
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>>est commeudatioiis and wish it all ^ucjess. — Lo7id.
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limit. In the present paper I will describe mainly the manifesta-
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(Stannius, '49), and as in many fishes, one of them lies super-