the disturbance consisted principally in the impaired elimination of

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nosis. They were encountered at the Charity Hospital in New Orleans

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8. Morawitz and Lossen : Footnote 1, last reference.

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results were not quite so uniform with the evaporated extract, but

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this new instrument with one of the plunger type previously used by

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Fig. 1. — Plot of brain, giving lateral view of convex surface of the left

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matter in adult cretins than in cases in which the treatment is com-

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fiedly bad as hitherto given because of the possibility in the future

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tion reappeared each year in 1910, 1911 and 1912. In 1913 and 1914

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serves to distinguish obstructive jaundice from other sources of jaun-

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it is seen that the heart is enlarged and the increase of dulness will

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age in which there are four and a half- to five and a half vibrations

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four was supported on a wage of $30 a month, and the diet was

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under such conditions would be slight because of the absence of any

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As this paper was about to be sent to the printer there came to my

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The above patients were very carefully observed during the last

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We have gained a distinct conviction, however, that pellagrins do much

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The only pellagrins in this series whose histories have not already

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kidneys, the liver, and most of the other viscera. It is, however,

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A special application of this law of possible error in connection with

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mum. It is evident therefore that in these experiments the nausea did

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a diffusible heart stimulant, such as the tincture of camphor, the tinc-

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Gilbert, Q. O. : The toxic effects of urea on normal individuals 636

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duced by the causes already considered, which give rise to subacute

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complete heart block and a bradycardia of 30 to 40 beats.

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the general average of coronary sinus automaticity, when developed,

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of the tables in this article are believed to be applicable to the human

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that these means do not calm or avert an attack of angina pectoris,

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or cholemic plasma must be added to a column of water 1 cm. deep

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the right arm. The reflexes of both arms and of the right leg were greatly

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after the lapse of five or ten minutes, though a temj^orary parietal

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thence, after a time of moderate steadiness it may recover the more

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Case 48. — A man, aged 43, entered the hospital Sept. 27, 1915. A diag-

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to call attention to their use and to suggest that as a prophylactic

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relieved by intercourse. The palpitation in this case was, however,

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