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hysterectomy or Csesarean section ; 4, tentative measures,
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be used. The discovery of the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus enables us to make
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suspending the inflating process, the air cells become flacid, and
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vent X-ray burns. The advantages of this new method
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endorsement. He turned in an ambulance-call and the street
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de deux fistules a la trachee-arlere. Actes Soc. denied.,
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of the atmosphere and venous blood, that the union of oxygen
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is distinguished by the immobility of the limb, the absence of
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abdominal muscles is not sufficient to force the uterus as low
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After giving for refreshment a little Champagne, a post-part, flood-
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autopsy we found, to our surprise, the whole of the subarach-
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stimulant, but after absorption its action was purely
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Sometimes the bladder trouble persists even after recovery is well
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not brought out which are of some interest. Eczema of the legs of
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Since they do not prevent the recovery of function it
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