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When a case is in contest, to decide as to whether is shall be re-

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call it, and a few mesquite trees around it. My only companion was an Indian

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out. The incision was left open, so that the bladder might be drained. There

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tions, hyperthermia, high blood-pressure — all in

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have met at any time with any direct reference to contusion

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history and condition: His father and mother are both living,

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Hall, Dr. A., on mechanical dysmenorrhoea and chronic endometritif:. 250

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advantage in that it relieves the thirst of the patient. It seems to him,

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that a neck has been dislocated and sudden death produced

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endermic medication, rather adverse. A patient, who

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As to the origin of these tumours, 1 cannot imagine that they were

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and ability restored and temperature normal. He has repeated

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of Alexandria, Va., entitled " Personal Recollections of

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patients managed by anesthetists during diagnostic studies were small children.

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much rtuid in the joint it is slowly absorbed away, and

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form, as he says, a large ])roportion of their ailments.

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uric-acid headache, melancholia, palpitation of the

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and months of self-sustainment. — Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

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thus excite constant irritation of the conjunctiva, resulting in in-

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of the body of the child against the placenta, while the rupture of the

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a prominent feature of the inflammation. It would seem almost as though

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lie adds, the dislocation is always complete. Now, in this sort of in-

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the evening wore on she became more and more restless, the

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a case could not confer immunity or assist similar exhaustion

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quite often where the women nurse their children for several years for the

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otherwise often one that may have done duty for a day or two, is wet in it and

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When she had proceeded halfway, she was suddenly delivered, while in the

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in the same individual at different times ; and that to such an extent,

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otomy, infrapubic or suprapubic, for the cure of obsti-