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Please use the term "LAPACTIC PILLS, S. & D.'S." when prescribing these pills.
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upon the system, aside from the development of dipsomania, will be re-
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membranous croup, and presented a preparation of the parts
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On the same evening, I was requested to see her. The features
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universities and medical colleges is that of Doctor of Medicine, which
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of breath. Even with the pleural sac distended with liquid, the only
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end in recovery, as well as in those which end fatally. These results
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tives and reduced diet will generally suffice. If the attack be severe,
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serious obstacle to the physician in the performance of his duties
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In tlie treatment of the dropsy, restriction of the amount of ingested
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case of his own recovery from gout, in Lapland, by the liberal
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anthracosis, siderosis, and pigment or brown induration. The terms
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it below the glottis, thus leading to its expectoration.
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Usually a wine-glassful three times a day, half an hour
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from exposing your ignorance on many questions of daily recurrence.
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be satisfactorily explained; and in connection therewith some
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cases of sporadic dysentery. In some fiital cases these symptoms are en-
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with a viscid substance like glue, and this is true of other serous mem-
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inflammation with exudation. The pneumonitis, however, there is reason
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DOSEk— One Teaspoonfui IN WATER, four times a day.
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Hygiene, Bacteriology, Physiology, with Bedside instruction
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the body is notably warm. Pain in the head is readily induced by stimu-
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