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that it may be preceded by a period of intermitting

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In Table 1 it is interesting to note the relatively small number of

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eration of the interlobular connective tissues. The formation of new ducts

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ities of all kinds, in such a way that, I, for one, feel

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next day, the difficult respiration brought on by the exertion of

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Rectum and Uterus, and to Rectocele. By Daniel Fiske

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7/=a, and // I=A, so that / Z' as well as II IF=P. At a the marker

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European, American, and colonial surgeons, including von

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solution, or boiled salt solution made by adding a teaspoonf ul of salt

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extra-oesophageal contracted tissue. A diverticulum has probably

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An analysis of 284 recorded cases of lesion of the Rolandic zone,

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occurring rapidJy, and even suddenly. The acuteness of the

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have been performed in mice, rats, and rabbits at doses up to 50 times the human dose

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tudinal slit measuring one-third of an inch. The pro-

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former, the exciting effect, was desired in pelvic exu-

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sanitary reformation, and the p.issibility of Epidemic

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are permanently infected with the bacillus coli com-

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she had to take to her bed, suffering from labor pains.

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high up. After the removal in my case there was no bleeding when the

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of irritant matters, and by the accidental entrance of foreign

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that of forging the semblance of youth in the aged, which

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stricted by it. A more free division of the sac and its neck was

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which, in some instances, holds out great relief to the chronic

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cessful treatment of pneumonia and typhoid fever. He

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that of other large societies. The New^ York Academy

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ing — the first one for a dozen or more years — has shown a vitality

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that liquid, in which no leucocytes could be found pre-

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