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with quinia was brought about. The dry tongue becomes moist, the skin

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tion. Philn. M. J., 1899, iv, 830. — Tarclielti. Caso

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Membership bearing- date March 5, 18-11. At the same meeting

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hypertrophy, subinvolution, chronic metritis and fibroid

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water-bath, and heat it to 180°, in order to precipitate any albu-

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are broken off when they have been immersed respectively

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city of Tien Tsin, hosts of the sick, the poor, the

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1) mild, 2) moderate, and 3) severe, usually fatal, and grouping

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Secretary said he had no information as to the number of deaths due to the

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of the disease in a future pregnancy, although such an occurrence is far

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paroxysm, the former immediately afterward had a similar attack. This

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Descendant of Transylvania University,' the following bit of history is

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agent brought on a full menstruation and matron of a boarding school. She enjoyed

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the heart, if successful in overcoming such cause, will result in a prompt

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Slawyk§ examined 52 children with measles for Koplik's spots

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the abdominal wall. In the so-called '"neuritis" of one of the ex-

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inflamed and made to slougli by galvano-puncture is well

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central nervous system. In cases in which lumbar puncture only brought

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The urinary bladder is a muscular membranous reservoir,

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voked discussion, and aroused men from the lethargy produced

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article of this CSonstitution by a three-fourths vote of all the

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of the colony (provided that the colony is isolated enough), a property

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temperature averaged about 99-100, ISTearly every possible means of

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During this time her general health improved materi-

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the work of the Liverpool expedition, but there can be no

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finds feemingly much difficulty in determining to which of the

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condition of the blood, and of the blood plasma, and to be associated

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dissolving alimentary substances out of the stomach. — The

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rating in the region between the anconeus and the epicon-

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Intracranial CT angiography is useful in the evalu-

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