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herpes squamosus, the vapour bath has done excellent service.
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and little provision for the maintenance of the erect posture.
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Printed by Mills, .lowett, and Mills, Bolt Court. Fleet Street.
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Bronchitis. — This is one of the early symptoms, although the patients
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Obsb. vMosk.. 1883-6, vi, 106-109.— Sordina (E.) Due
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theory; Fayrer and Manson, on the contrary, defended it.
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however, often induces hyperajmia in the site of the pain, as shown by tem-
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rosive-sublimate solution, and plugs of necrosed tissue
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than those of the damper climates of England and Holland.
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ities and a generally lowered vitality greatly at variance
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hospital in Ung-Kang-Fu, under the care of Dr. Riddel,
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Indicates lower blood-pressure than that of the croupous variety.
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unprotected persons exposed to small-pox will contract the disease;