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Creolin in Diseases of Children. — Dr. Schwinz, of

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about three times the size of the oral sucker, which is either terminal or slightly

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of free HCl, the lesser part by acid salts and acid albu-

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reductions in the hemoglobin and other blood changes take

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1/50 grain of morphine sulphate every four hours to

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during the day ; but, after that, a small quantity of fascal

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patient by this time has recovered from the shock, and

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healthy hand. The remainder of the finger was covered with

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ten to fifteen drops may be given the next morning. In patients who

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washed out of the stomach so that they cannot act as fer-

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equipped laboratories, — an abundance of hospital work,— a large and efficient corps of

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its only being discovered by dissection; it causes no

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divided into sections, of which four have been up to the

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the spinal canal, causing complete paralysis of all four limbs.

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but never any spit. Towards the end the temperature was

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be well to raise it and support it with a Hodge's pessary

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spirit of inquisitorial times? How much better is the spirit of the

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or is actually tubercular " (Poncet). I shall examine these two forms of

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reading matter as an introduction. Each plate is accompanied

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of the acute incident (Table 2). By contrast, peripheral ves-

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1880 a. — [Si/ngamus primitivus MoMn oder Sclerostomum si/ngamns Dies.] [Secre-

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plan of treatment resorted tOj a given proportion will sink under the

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explosions in its decadence if it contains the seeds of hereditary weakness,

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" Cremation would l)e taken for what it truly is, a

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contains renders it more of a sedative than the solid extract.

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this epidemic may be with justice termed influenzal, although the