The diagnosis consists in differentiating the condition from paramyo-
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Definition. — A persistent excess of phosphates in the urine.
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Pathology. — The mucous membrane in simple chronic pharyngitis
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is loss of foiver, first in one, then in the other, lower extremity. Later,
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strychnin and arsenic have been administered for their tonic effect.
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The urine is pale yellow, clear, and variable in quantity, and the
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general mortality of appendicitis is about 14 per cent. (Fitz). Im-
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the appearance of successive crops of aphthge will prolong the distress.
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mucus, either transparent, ropy and extensive, or intimately
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dry and covered. This is an excellent method of keeping the
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clinical or diagnostic significance of the substance has not been fully
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"Supravaginal amputation is the easier operation, especially in
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greatest diflBculty. As pointed out by J. D. Steele, in tumors behind
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Irritative lesions are prone to become destructive in course of time.
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distinguished from the diastolic murmur by its rhythm, and is occasioned
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and rarely in other acute infectious diseases, have been appropriately
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brownish-yellow, color. It emits a fetor that is less pronounced than
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conscfiuence of these changes the air-cells communicate with one another,