he was more depressed. At a quarter past two, Dr. Skegg again saw him,
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presented and approved. Resolutions were passed changing the
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diseased areas only. It appears to differ also in its sphere of
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then apt to be associated with morbid states of other organs, to which
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luntarily, with so much force, to the offspring, and without
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Tiiere was a Colles' fracture apparently impacted and
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not only of indigestible food, but oftentimes of an inordinate
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cussion borders of the heart’s dullness to be normal for
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ciple of its action is that like the water, it causes instant and perfect relief from
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arms, and face too, in some degree, are studded xcilh tvhercles'''' — which
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away on the tenth and twelfth days, and the wounds by the
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a course of forty-flve days with a range of temperature vary-
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described, and the resulting cicatrices after an interval of nine
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ample experience of the effects of an animal diet, are as follows : — 1st, We
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are not uncommon. The pigmentation is never as marked as in the ter-
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All the recent discoveries in Physiology, serve to establish the unity
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kite amounting to about three hundred tons. The jute in question was the
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Association, April 8, 1905, says he has discontinued the use of cocain,
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for taenia. 1 The frequency of its occurrence varies much in different coun-
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never found any difficulty in the performance of the
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kidneys. Disregarding the excretion of water, which is doubtless a renal function
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think any community has ever considered it on a large
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The case was typical, except that it occurred late in life.
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40. Antiseptic Incisions an Aid to Surgical Diagnosis. — Mr. Thomas
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within the abdomen, should become fuller and softer after the
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