of pellagra in Spartanburg County. In her fraternity there were ten children.

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almost insatiable. The craving was mostly for bread and pastry. The bowels

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the total population, male and female, and to each group of the colored

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both her boys in infancy with dysentery. The only son, Pellagrin 394, J. H.,

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frequently recurring attacks of spasmodic asthma, signs of persistent

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tance of gout, and the resulting state may thus be a very complicated one.

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the complete assimilation of the protein fed. In the former

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4, was the organism recovered in pure culture in time to prepare a

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bruit is not heard in cases of mitral stenosis in which the tension of

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increase after the administration of sodium bicarbonate.

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patient discussed above do not bear this out and do not confirm the

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In 1894 Pellagrin 1086, a white girl, aged 15, had her first attack of

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In the cases of arteriosclerosis manifesting angina pectoris, ex-

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the use of agents which irritate the heart, alcohol, coffee, tea, etc.,

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own heart beat in lying down, and that he could frequently distin-

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and M. In the other two cases studied we find decidedly greater

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active tuberculosis throughout the upper lobe of the right lung and numerous

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years is not an uncommon period for the disease to last, and it may

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intravenous salvarsan; one patient, however, Case 52, is included in

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Two steel needles were introduced into the sac of the aneurysm, were

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to define groups of temperament useful both from the pathological and

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heart muscle. This may be partly a result of the prolonged anaemia

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blood and tissues. With special reference to the so-called transitional

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unknown Avith the knoAvn.^ As pathology advances we detect still

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