account of which may be found in the ' Lancet ' for that year. His first step
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An ancient Sanscrit treatise on medicine has recently
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when the tonic influence of cold is advisable. But when an
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. Fine prickling on the upper lip ; after 1|- hours. Ng.
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in part ascribed to active superintendence and watching.
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logical facts which are being heaped upon him with clamor for their
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in clinical medicine and pathology. For example, Erasistratus described
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easier. Having applied the forceps it is well to push the head
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atrophy, there is also sclerosis of a much more pronounced chai-acter than
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Physiology in the University of Cambridge. 8vo. Cloth. 234 Illustrations, pp. xlix +
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were ordered to be given every four hours. Four hours after the end of the
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Biqiports this observation. But, although catarrh of the mouth very
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ent there seems no reason why the error should ever
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in the throat, cough, some pain in swallowing, and slight
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The urine contained a large amount of albumen ; and
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Leyden discussed it in 1893; Remak narrows down Leyden's cases to at
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a teaspoonful of finely pulverized charcoal in the mouth on going to bed ; it need
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Definition. — Tuberculous meningitis is an acute disease depending on the
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Professor Polli maintained his conclusions, and appealed to
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acid, as well as oxalic acid, were found, [he is speaking of urine]
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So long as fever is present the exudation rarely diminishes. If absorp-
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left arm was found to be paralysed; however, after few days he
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Schwann's results were contested by Liebig, one of the
beforetime, by no means wholly free from the thaumaturgical pre-
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be welcomed as guests of this Society, and that the committee of
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in case of failure, the process is to be repeated. In ex-
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Faculty.) No. 14 (late 4) North Ninth street, West side, the
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There is considerable evidence to prove that the normal intestinal
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Arts degree cum laude from George Washington University