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cators are concerned, merely in the fact that whereas

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spine. The pulsation disappeared as soon as most of the fluid

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tions with reference to the diagnosis. On the other hand, during i

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hypertrophique des diaphyses et des os plats; Osteomyelite fibreuse; and

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rank of surgeons at St. Come, and that the surgeons of St.

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accumulation of froth round the lips. Mucous rdles are heard in

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Fitz, in his series of one hundred and fifty-two cases, found them

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cent, of the antiseptic element in combination with iso-

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Typhoid Fever in the Massachusetts General Hospital During the Past Fifty

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lieve that it had in some unaccountable way passed out of the

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is believed to prevent to some extent the migration of the white

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cedent exudate, or if the whole lung be compressed, a diffuse relative dulness

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this day's session. It was introduced by Dr. George W. Goler,

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method for the rapid recognition of nucleated red cells. A small plate-

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(specific gravity 1.086) ; lastly a solution of dry Sul-

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while medical clubs are forming in all the larger cities for special

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time. She is quite ambitious and not at all hard to

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cotton is employed. Raw cotton prevents the access of

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bacterial invasion. Kill the coming and starve the parting guest. — Ex.

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bad presentation is found and a veterinarian is to be called, which

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tion, and then a bath can be taken in the morning. It produces no

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other hand, the same blood, when subjected to various processes which

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work contains an extensive Materia Medica, each article of

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The uterus was now aroused to general action, and the placenta and hand

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of hot water : afterwards lycium diluted with wine, or the lees of oil, or veijuice, or

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It is plain that in this case there is a great lesion in the cer-

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Dr. Osier here paid a high tribute to Dr. Roddick for his

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reasonable and uniform basis whereby the vital rates of a country and its

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