If the tumour continue to grow in the direction of j ness, only rendered the hearing more acute. He ex-

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4. Report of the Northampton General Lunatic .isylum for 1S64.

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Make them trust you and tell you all their secrets.

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1 Professor Syme, in his Letter to Sir James Graham on the

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from the first to the sixth week, from half a centi-

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following members of the College, having been el-ected

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entirely solve the difficulty. The blood-supply and

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The next class of cases are those in which, with or

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menting on the causes of the abuse of blood-letting

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Council of the proceedings which took jDlace last year.

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tion, that if the symptoms of collapse are occasioned by

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•SopEn, William, Esq., appointed Surgeon to the Jews' Hospital,

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der, in a tea-spoonful of mucilage, to be swallowed

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blood in the right cavities of the heart ; the left were

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we ever remember having met with ; and adds another

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few hours. Indeed persons of this description frequently (if not

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that the two forces arise together; for the sense of

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had received a communication from the Senate of the

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he should always look back with pleasure to the time

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say that, unless this pai-alysis were naturally reco-

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rules for the guidance of the rising medical genera-

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by, or used to distinguish, duly qualified practitioners

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body of his subject, and excites, not by special trans-

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British Jledical Asrociation, in the papes of its now welt con-

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tion of the blood in typhus is due to the presence of

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The stomach was very large ; and the fluid it contained nearly

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lei*a affords any support to the theory that a drain of

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Revelations of Quacks and Quackery. Reprinted from the "Me-

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pearance of valgus — the sole being turned outwards

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to victimise poor helpless infants in successive pre-

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land, he hoped he would not neglect writing to him,

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J-ke; Mr. Harrison : Mr. Pick; Mr.ToYKBEE; Mr. Jonathan

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her thi-ee ecjual doses of tincture of opium amounting

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a large tumour, which, by its interference with the