Remarks on the Pathology and Treatment of Tubal Nephri-

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are in a state of reduced excitement. This is evident from the feebleness and slowness of

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been expected of him, for he followed up his, "j'en al

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Post-Puerperal Sterility: Its Cause and Surgical Treatment — Dr. H. S. Lott,

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mamma, as well as in the subcutaneous tissues ; but although I

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differences in the intrinsic tendency of the disease to a fatal issue at dif-

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the amount of uric acid and the amount of urea or total non-

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formed union of fracture. N. York M. J., 1895, Ixi, 775.—

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The choroid is almost always the seat of tubercles. According to cir-

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structing an isolating cottage prepared by Dr. Wylie ; a list of articles

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between the serum, fibrine, and coloured globules, as well as

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pulled it well forward allowing the patient to breathe easily and

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During this time her general health improved materi-

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that the members of the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh

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be given. The following pill three or four times a day will be found

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ation. As no 'recurrence took place the autlior was in-

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within the healthy limits ; and these variations are evidently not dependent,

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symptoms alone must be relied on. These are too un-

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tary tract I have l)ut little to say. I have never met with

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tolerably easy of diagnosis, but others were well calculated to

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headache, epistaxis, loss of resonance of the voice (due to the nasal obstruc-

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In the matter of pupil practice in teaching, not very much,

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abdomen down under the ligatures so as to catch any objec-

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generally having the preference. t)n one or two occa-

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"We cannot but eulogise, in the warmest manner, the

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propagates in the manner of great epidemics, invading entire

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Hospital, last year. She was a foreigner, was probably

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heart beat as a transitional stage towards ventricular fibrillation, and

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of the sternum, where the parts softened and where evidently the com-

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Hospital ; Physician to the National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic.

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Mix. Sig. One teaspoonful in water three times a day.

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SiR^— In your paper of Saturday l^ist I see that Dr. Sansom rncn-

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examination reveals an excessive amount of fat and connective

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these processes, but rather intimates how the system

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importance in this relation. lie ai)pears to believe that in a normal

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in cases recorded or mentioned by Fabricius Hildanus (quoted

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strumous character, no ordinary powers of repair could have