fields of vision of the two eyes are darkened in one of
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presence of HBeAg, the age of a newly infected host, the
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remarkable change took place in the circulation, and a striking
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especially contracted or granular kidney. This makes the disease a
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tion that the patient still retains some strength if we find him
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septic fluids. The discharge rapidly diminished, and ulti-
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etiology of these various processes may be understood
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searching the liver directly, the indications for operation being
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therefore, from facts like these, that there are serious objections to the
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in voiding it ; a hot skin and constipation of the bowels,
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quently observed in cases of heart-disease, more especially of the right side,
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paralysis with partial reaction of degeneration it is best to
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has far exceeded the supply. It is to be hoped that the
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to the human feng suffering from this disease, being rarely seen m rabid
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inhabited region thereof. This disease had its origin and birth
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wiped out. Once weekly thereafter rats were caught in the previously
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publislies the follow ing summary : A maritime quarantine for the pro-
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* I may note that on the theory of complete decussation " double temporal hemiopia "
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necessary. Traction (or attraction) may be applied by
exclusion of the chemical frequencies exercised a beneficial
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at any age (even in the new-born) 50 per sometimes extend over the entire region,
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donna and ID drops of Fluid Extract of Aconite. If the animal
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sibility consequent upon the reparative process, efficient to heal, is
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even as a means of diagnosis. Mr. Walsham's object is to ascertain how
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nephrectomy, is not possible. The capsule of the spleen is closely as-
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Any contract for U. S. procurement of swine tlu vaccine from a manufacturer would be
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our form of government the above line of action is most likely
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water, centrifugalizing after each washing, or, if necessary, heating for
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employed in the studies. Deaths from syphilis occur in individuals
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In a great number of hereditarily syphilitic persons, par-
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enough completely to occlude the appendix for a breadth
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bladder are loosened from the uterus until the anterior roof of the vagina is
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liquids. This necessitates the liberal use of screens around the vault
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let nothing stay in it. Open the pillows so that the gas can reach