*,* See Professor Acland's sentiments : " Sanitary Organi-

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pression of the ureter by the tumor had occurred lower

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but had been completed by a double row of continuous catgut

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movement. In no case had any serious disturbance followed ; in two or three

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as the disease progresses^ for joints, that have previously remained free,

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These results are manifested moreover under the influence of other

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which remains intact — roof and side walls are caved in,

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static. Its use in this way was first pointed out by Kussmaul. Rever-

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diameter, insensible to light. There is profound coma, face pale, pulse weak. A

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ther recommend that this committee be required to have

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Fig. 98 shows the effect of taking three fairly deep respirations. The line of

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xxvi, 103. — Ban- (M. W.) A case of iiitevniittrut fever,

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of anaesthesia gave distinctly poor results, and there was some hesitation

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nation of the nerves in the muscular tissue have been

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bladder. It is therefore apparent that contrary to the

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made their appearance near those previously felt. Also similar lumps in

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The ulcer must be dressed with some gently stimulating ointment.

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zations undertaking any kind of welfare work involving public health

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more or less constantly for the previous eight years.

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slight alteration in the position of the head and neck. I may also

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rated. The fluid obtained is of low specific gravity, commonly clear, and

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This study consists of blood counts on nine rabbits after an ex-

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Ilis case, by the way, illustrated the capacity of the

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laws of organization of normal structure must be of

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infinite variety, not to be combated with success by theory

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personal influence and example, and promotion of works

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who are at a distance from them, unless tliese thoughts have been

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which show that the origin of the heat of the blood is to be traced to

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and olfactory apparatus. . . . When a point of contact exists between sur-

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on board the United States Steamship Osage, received the

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to a small segment. In most cases they measure from 3 to 4 inches, but

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evening by Dr. Peaslee, who stated at the time tluit there was no di.s-

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Sucking the breasts V)y means of an India-rubber apparatus was employed, but

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August, during which period I saw 22 cases in a little under 6 weeks.

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at the same time with his other hand. Care must be taken not to

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wool. Until quite recently, however, the form which originated as a