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found in the Hall treadle, which at small cost can be applied
Germicidal Value Equals Mercury Bidiloride (Non-Poisonous)
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double property : it first excites the vaso-motor system, contracting
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like the other outbreaks, the cause of this attack was not investigated
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tion of these diseases has not been grasped before,
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C. B. C, Vt. — Thanks for your kind favors. "We have adopted your sug-
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fied to discover that, as we advance in these branches of science,
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drargyrij gr. ix. Extracti Hyoscyami, gr. vi. Misce. Eiant Pilulce tres ;
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outbreaks of cholera in India in 1843 and 1845, while serving as
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Wales, about Snowden Hill, &c. and in divers other
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pound of valerian root, boiling it gently for about a quarter of an
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being considered at that time too great a risk, he afterwards
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what impaired ; but persons in this state, although resting badly and
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tus; his skin was very hot and dry ; all the secretions much diminished;
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from the consideration of loss of rest — he supposes that the enema is to
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thighs. There is no pectoral affection, and her tongue, state of stomach,
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Diplomas For Sale ! — We copy the following from the Chicago
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organic activity threatens to become extinct : when the patient
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the nature of the disease. At this time I looked very particularly to the
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culiar type, ushered in by rigors, and characterised by remarkable
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The case of Mui'phy was one of those which have been neglected in
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to persisting disturbance in the reflexes controlling respiration and heart
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E^view. He says that tartar emetic is a two-edged svvord — an agent
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indurations of the breast, with an acuminated appearance of the
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the important Cereals and the Elixir of the Hypophosphitet.
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shelves. As the books made a demand for remedies, I soon found it
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] 3th. The medicine was continued for several hours, when he fell
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from one current into another, as if by attraction. In other cases the
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ring-shaped, compact, and viscid mass, of greyish color, was found
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