and Mrs. D. insisted on going to Newport for the operation,
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fort, though one may suffer more than another. In the case of
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Sandalwood is employed as a stimulant to the urinary ap-
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will save you time, money, and your stock. These rem-
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It will be observed that in these emphysematous chests very
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Chelone glabra is tonic, anthelmintic and laxative.
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thought-loathing times, the Khapsodist must needs pro-
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sium. The hot breath, with an unpleasant pungence, as of am-
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the heart, it acts equally well, but in mitral stenosis it is said to
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syphilis, from a single uniform virus capable of being
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certainly too much for one so debilitated as she was. Up to
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of lessening maniacal stages. In neuralgia and enteralgia it ex-
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painful and drastic purgative ; in small doses continued it causes
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PoliomyeUtis. By Simon Flexner, M.D., and Hideyo Noguchi,
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sibly recover ; and, but for the drainage-tube, I am convinced
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be imitated by striking the back of the hands, loosely folded
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favorable prognosis was predicable, according to the cir-
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nutritious food; pure water, and blood making medicine.
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are the signs which indicate regurgitation of blood through the
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stance apply the poultice around the hoof, for if you do,
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Army News. — The Board of Army Surgeons, which as-
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a useful medicament. It is often used in valvular disease accom-
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to the bladder, the urine being scanty, high-colored, or mixed
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excessive richness of sugar in the blood of a frog rendered
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other cause; hence the exaggerated breathing in the sound lung
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cury exerted a powerful control over the condition of that organ,
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irregular menstruation it will do much toward bringing about a
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has been twice married, has already given birth to forty-
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In aphtha, thrush, white ulcers in the mouths of little children
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sewer of the whole body. The remedy may influence the struc-
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oedema of the lungs, thin fluid blood which was normally dis-
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distinctive traits ; and as the disease must have originated
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