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new relapses often follow, and the disease goes on for months. We
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April 4th. — Pulse, 90; temperature, 100/^° F.; res-
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and its cavity was contracted. The cavity of the uterus was very small*
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aspirator or vacuum pump, and examine separately ; aspirate
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silver of moderate strength. A vivid picture makes its appear-
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Seegen, to the effect that about twenty-five per cent, of
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use of mercury gives rise to most disastrous effects. Leprosy
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indigestible food in the stomach or intestines, or accumulated feces
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gan treatment again in July, 1901. At that time there were
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have been already referred to. Both eyes commonly suffer,
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testins, on rencontre quelques ecchymoses de la grandeur d'une pi^e de
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again in May and July. Oct. 2, 1900. — No attack since Feb.,
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So closely may cholera be simulated by ptomaine poisoning as
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secondary to influenza is about the same for the vaccinated and
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dilution of cow's milk by the addition to it of plain water, barley-,
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have been a " diabolical" medicine, as it has been called in our
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patients at my first interview with them, " Don't you think it
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cause much change in the sugar excretion, the patient some-
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had become constant they added a solution of the hydroxy acid and
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there seemed to be an intra-abdominal growth high up. This could, how-
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Medical, June 5, 1920, x, No. 23, p. 474; Labbe and Hutinel, Bull,
scratching, stiffness of gait, difficulty in swallowing
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symptoms which are set down by the | atient to causes unconnected with
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tinued to suffer so much with menstruation and intercourse
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Bill for the prevention of the spread of infectious
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qualities, characters, and forces of material bodies. It is this law
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Diagnosis of Imbecility and Weak-mindedness in Young Children, 470