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tion of water is rendered probable bj T the observations upon the rate

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day. The seizure may present, especially in older children, a curious

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suggestion was made that carbonic acid might have caused the symptoms

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its apparent effects in seventeen families afflicted with scarlet fever, that it

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conjointly discussed, since the two subjects are so intimately

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ber, 1899, he returned with still deeper bronzing of the skin,

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The graft, containing only ingredients of the tree from which it

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of fluid, two processes may occur, in some instances, side by side.

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Farcinoma ; similar to glanders in the horse ; symptoms, fever de-

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oxysms are speedily interrupted by therapeutical interference. After the

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of these. The Government has, as we have already noticed,

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very hot places for any one individual. The fore- |

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tioned are applicable to the study of bacteria, in the so-called pure

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5. Folin, O., and Denis, W.: Jour. Biol. Chem.. 1915, 2X 305.

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vital energy, and fatal exhaustion is apt to result. In such cases,

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ciation with inflammations of the bladder and kidneys, as the cause of

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caseous metamorphosis. The caseous purulent mass thus formed between the

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posits of filth and vermin that necessarily accumu-

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curved. They are made in different sizes, the most powerful having a

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One of these is the prickly pear, or Indian fig as it is sometimes

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curred. Plugging with iodoform gauze failed to check it

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with milk and beef-tea, though far from being successful in all

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organs, by the inoculation of tuberculous material into the anterior

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joins the anterior spinal artery. These arteries, after the ligature of the

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the suprarenal bodies in which the clinical manifesta-

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