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of an ordinary case of hysteria. There were, indeed, not wanting
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was healed, and the unpleasant symptoms which had defied all treatment
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Among my own cases I observed at the onset of the epidemic
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pneumonia when the expectant treatment is adopted— that is
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excursion we give them some snap shots at Muskoka. Arriving at
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Medical Advisers of the Czar.— Through the Medical Press we
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rose to 40.2° C, the pulse to 150. There was no splenic en-
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Ilis case, by the way, illustrated the capacity of the
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can thus swallow meconium cannot be disputed, but, assuming that in the body
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1633. These circumstances should teach caution, even to the
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of bacilli. Tonsillectomy, adenectomy, and removal of foreign bodies
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during the first year. Three infants have been readmitted with
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structure is destroyed it is wise to remove the kidney. If, how-
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Tricuspid Disease. In most instances of mitral obstruction there is chronic
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Dr. Sidney J. Meyers : To me the corset phase is an interesting