3. It is scarcely possible to use the warm-bath, if indicated,

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inhabited region thereof. This disease had its origin and birth

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the strong warping tonic spasm which constitutes the first part of a

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Remarks on the Pathology and Treatment of Tubal Nephri-

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matter. He can decide just how long he shall maintain this


army corps there is a principal medical officer, whose duty is to

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gently rotated lest it become fixed by granulations or brain

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ing with the finger the vacuity of the uterus. The result of

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done. Iodide of potassium, mercury, and arsenic are the remedies chiefly

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serous tissue, to the imminent risk of perforation into the peritoneal cavity.

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quently in the early stages of the disease. Coleman and Buxton have

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from one another. The hindmost segments have reached the

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fort by the ladies of the regiment, is a concrete example of the sup-

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altering the strain upon the capillaries of the Malpighian tufts, cause

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ments will escape ; nor will atmospheric air enter the

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out with a stream of saline solution at very low pressure,

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are glad the author emphasizes the importance of mothers' nurs-

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very soon— long before the chancre makes itself appar-

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the confluence of the superficial saphenous vein and the deep

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will expect some more to die. Up to a fortnight ago, one,

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produced may give rise to all the symptoms of phle.gm.usia dolens.

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Dr. A. M. Vance: I recently had occasion at the request of Drs.

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x-ray and laboratory facilities. Willing to turn over

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On the other hand, in all nuclear and infra-nuclear lesions affecting

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over the most prominent part of the tumour, through the abdo-

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to what point tubercular meningitis may be cured or pre-

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tion. Upper four curves show progressive effect of digitalis given

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When a medical student, intern, or resident starts his Life Insurance

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consultation. He loved to meet his medical friends and discourse

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at the base of the tongue. Why this should occur, it is

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