the bread-winner of the family, became ill, and this produced

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Femur: case of bilateral bending of the femoral neck (C. S

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w'hole well selected, and with the exception of those

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this fungus in but one case, and curiously enougli, in this in-

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the child was sent back to bed. There was no vomiting.

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the scapula and clavicle, a little nearer the former than the latter." The

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the \'.MiiiiJ \k- -,M tc .iiuI ill,. Iniih ini(vrtr, ilv iniin.ihili-fd, turtliL-r J.iin.iui'

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stitution it often induces a rapid change for the better in the

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has done much to advance the science of medicine, and that

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most frequently found was the colon bacillus. The author drew

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observations covered fourteen cases. Peristaltic action was fol-

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stitute an offense, the violation of which will be followed by arrest of

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the ischium, carried as near the neck of the bone as possible, and pushed out

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allow the flap to be turned down upon the surfaces of the sawn tibia

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from its doubtful appearance, and from its frequent prevalence

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1-12. — — . Forinaldebyd w chorobach oczu. [. . . in dis-

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outbreak. They may occur sporadically. Death may ensue in the course

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too, are in a state of profound degeneration, and with such

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by the gentleman witii whom the writer first read medicine, Dr. A. K.

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Dairy products such as ice cream, buttermilk, butter and cheese,

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tion and eliminates its nitrogen. Thus it is that, in a full grown and

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the nerve is destroyed, there will be anassthesia of all the parts to

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largely for convenience, such as relief of pain, mental

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26. Simmons: Soc. d. Biol. d. Bambourg, 1898, Jan. 14: quoted

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noted are based primarily on these findings of Schloss. (2) Such

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en route for the Philippines, and the division hospital was


a peculiar posture, and occurs chiefly in the young.

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public school, and is gradually "undermining favorable senti-