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the lungs the indicatio causalis cannot be met In disease of the heart,

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involved. This should occasion no surprise, for it is

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is the training to definite effort of the motor apparatus, e.g. by getting the

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The recovery from arthritis is usually complete, and nodules may

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roof of the canal, you can understand how ea-^ily by its

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that the active disease may subside and the patient recover

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fidence, and its results furnish abundant proof of its

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tance on account of the possibility of the tube being

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These statements express a general law of the vital or-

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Dr. Corrigan made a section of the brain in the presence of the

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which had been set before us, it became simply a matter

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Pediatrics by Dr. Louis Starr, Bacteriology by Drs. Riesman and

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fifty-two illustration in the text. New York : 1). Appleton & Company. 1894.

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striata. I saw very recently (29th May, 1863) a most interest-

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tween them and the legalized physicians. In this bill it is

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diameter of a split pea, mostly discrete, sometimes confluent, and surrounded

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Halliburton, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S. Tenth edition. With coloured plate.

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delays the more radical measure of thorough opening of the mastoid but a

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Have a good supply of small change, and have no bill or piece higher than ten

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tiality of the public, who, before deciding, will require to hear both the

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smaller veins remain distended, and do not contract after their engorge-

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racuit6 visuelle ou pei'ceptioii des formes :iu moyen de

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soft spleen, containing a semifluid mass ("lees of oil") suggests septicae-

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affected the emissary veins about the posterior part of the

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diseases, probably aortic obstruction is the least serious ; next to this,

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Operation disclosed the condition as mentioned above and the

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the time to use the solution, for it will solidify too rapidly. The heating is

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tendency to confuse service programs with educational

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the first of March, During the session rail courses will be given In the various branches of medicine, by

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generally, and the large proportion of it which ap-

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be supplemented by the commoner methods, diet, etc.

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disease, except, probably, the parasitic skin-diseases,

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so that Dr. Sevestre's statistics refer to cases of a graver character

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and as a final remedy unnerving by a veterinary surgeon