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and behind the malleoli, and even on to the dorsum of the foot
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to make a noise in the street for the purpose of getting money to pay a
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carditis is common. Among the intercurrent diseases to which the patients
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lymph. It seems probable that the exudation does not occur all at once, j
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tant, Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital, London; Member of the
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stituents are disgusted with his tergiversation, and those
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[Entropium and trichiasis; description and treatment.]
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upon a truth which others must have been blind indeed not to
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cai-efiil never to thrust the unph-asuiit fact in th*'ir faces. A certain delicacy
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says that " common diseases in ordinary seasons" and " the severer cases of
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(Zeitsch. f. klin. Med., Vol. 44, Nos. 3 and 4) has in-
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medium has been maintained between the old and new termin-
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graphical Society, and was elected a vice-president of
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tent fever in a womm in which the temperature rose one
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accident, position of the aircrew, etc. It is help-
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his behalf, he recovers or is lost. The pulse is small or chorded, the
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influence may be thought probable, but is not proved. On general
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pus escaped, and the large white enveloping capsule of the mother
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solution a yellow ring of sulphide of arsenic (As 2
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over a quarter, a half, or three-fourths of the organ ; or, the surfaces may
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cover easily the point of origin of the haemorrhage by the
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eight-per-cent aqueous solution of sodium hyposulphite. On waking, the
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*'5. The room thus treated should remain closed at least ten
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* Read in part at the Fourth Annual Meeting anc holy
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which showed that persons given brief psychotherapy
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' Cf. Theodore Janoway, Trims. Asftnc. Am. I'/ii/s., 191.3, xxviii, .333.
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in connection with which the representations of the Medical
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The requirements for admission are the completion of the middle
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than our practice. We have the best constitution on the
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tion, in order to make their way through the capillaries, and to be arrested
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pulieide, but tincture of green soap is very quick and effective. This
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the jaws were fixed, and the child could not swallow, a soothing mixture