the tube ; the procedure is then somewhat more difficult.
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provided with a properly equipped operating-room and
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and faithful pupil, and secondly because by selecting a native
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where he was received, by the surgeon in charge, in a terribly
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last six or eight years. Her father is alive and well ; her
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internal urethrotomy performed with the Maissoneuve instrument and fol-
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FIG. 255. Inhibition of the phrenic nerves. Center for hiccough.
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cussions of certain sexual topics. Drs. Hyde and Montgomery drag in
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tage in severe cases. Any septic foci in the mouth should be
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serum unavoidably flowing into the peritoneum, some extensive
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metal's variant angina (resting angina with ST-segment elevation
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and the profuse lacrimatton, and prevents depression by stimulating the heart.
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can be laid down, but we know that the urine may be
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tumours. He asked if Professor O'Sulhvan had tested for
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were no abnormal sensations upon the affected side of the body nor
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centage of successful operations with the local general hospitals." (Ibid.
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tory exertion must also be increased by the participation of abdominal
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and out of these eleven died — a mortality of more than one-third. But it must
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itsell The fiact that horrible forms of S3rphilis are more rare than
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date, after having written his thesis, and fulfilled the
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working people who form the bulk of the patients, almost all
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advised. From the report of cases of some surgeons we
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place of the destroyed cell or in the area of focal necrosis fibrous tissue
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able. The course of the febrile phenomeba are found to be distinc-
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