pleura, which is only a part of the original peritoneum, which has

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Upper Air-passages. — Recently (Vol. III., p. 1315)

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drinking water and disease, and in taking the towns of

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some twenty-one thousand births would have been registered

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consists of the working classes. In such towns, however

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the risk. They were willing to chance it. The child

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If we look in the text-books, either on Diseases of

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Contribution a l' etude des tuineurs cirihrales. These de Paris, 1893. — 24. Peterson.

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of earth is not the perfection of heaven. The spoliation of disease and

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of murder, [here Maude said « you are not my coun-

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we also meet very aged individuals who do not show the least sign of

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Prior to the use of the iron salts, it is essential to get the stomach and

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disease. I reported my experience in the paper referred to. In

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mitting, the bedding and mattresses, together with the other clothing, will be

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disastrous could be detected in its approaches in time for prophy-

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such commanding officer shall, under alU the Lord High Admiral, or the commis-

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difference between the sodium halogen salts and the other sodium salts

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change from pyo- into hopmato-salpinx is made directly.

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not with the toes turned out at an angle of 60 degrees, but is on the

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Hoyt, of Rochester, who is actively engaged in the formation

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than wear out your patient, cease your treatment for the time to

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disease. Sensations of fulness, aggravated when lying upon the left side,

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semblance between the renal disease of pregnancy and lead jDoisoning.

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decided against the question, it is not probable you will have

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an arrest of the morbid action, for the damage done is permanent.

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Original articles contributed exclusively to THE MEDICAL News

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first consulted me six months after the accident, when I

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Lebert is of opinion that poultices and oily applications soften the

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urotropin was stopped the bacteria returned to the urine ; but

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overlap, decrease or loss of lymphocytic infiltrate, and

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taneously lose consciousness and fall to the ground ; after (as

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but which render animals less valuable." — George

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dicembre 1828, gennajo e febbrajo 1829 nel Borgo detto

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force is directly transmutable into heat. This phys-

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be taken in the vaccination of the men to suppress the

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obliged to turn. When the hand entered the uterus, it went by