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or alum and washing the excess off with sterile water.
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— Editorial from The Connecticut State Medical Journal , February
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gale, who had great funds at her disposal, instantly provided
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puric acid. In the treatment of typhoid fever and other bacillary
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The cells move as a densely packed mass, with a twisting onward
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for every-day experience proves to us that food, even rye-grass
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it is most apt to be from the stomach or lungs. The prognosis
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from these threads. After 24 hours, the bacilli of oedema are
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dwelling-house. In doing so they struck his head against
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Tetanus was not observed; 3 cases of erratic erysipelas termi-
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the loop. Cotton twisted on a curved probe, with the
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comfort, when this was necessary, than in the case of
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on the subject of tuberculosis is printed in italics, and may
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sists in the enlargement or overgrowth of these sheaths
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affection by no means presents the same serious symptoms, and the
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is not only for diagnosis but is synchronously a cure.
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certainly had a certain amount of effect in benumbing
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The muscles supplied by some of the cranial motor nerves are liable to
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whether hemorrhage comes from the artery or the vein.
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reference to the relationship between the uric-acid and phos-