Symptoms. The clinical features must be considered under the
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were applied over the larynx, with evident relief of the symptoms" Durino- the
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indicated for shock-restlessness without pain (usually
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amount of mal-treatment which this cancerous larynx has
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are not so common in this locality, but many of the
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thing itself. It may be compared to the p^rience until reason is on the verge of
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Progress of the Case. — June 19th. — Slept well last night, but had two or three
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of the various reports submitted by committees on Mat-
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Transactions of the twenty-first Annual Meeting of the Medical Society of
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not only highly educated and skilled practitioners, but
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the gall-bladder and the cystic duct than by surgery, and the
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children returned from work. Meanwhile, about four o'clock, a com-
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Lastly, acute endocarditb may occur as a secondary event in pre-existing
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system for external beam radiotherapy," Br. J. Radiol., Vol. 59, pp. 1007-1013,
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autopsy we found, to our surprise, the whole of the subarach-
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ably easy. A very important point to ascertain now is the place of
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Faculty.) No. 14 (late 4) North Ninth street, West side, the
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II. Diseases communicahle from the Lower Animals to Man}
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1. The basis cerebri, including all the parts which lie upon
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grasp of a cultivated intelligence, and the power of purchasing means of pro-
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their diagnostic value. The presence of tr^'ptic, diastatic, and emulsifying
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The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland will hold a semi-
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indicate in the clearest possible manner the value of
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form, as he says, a large ])roportion of their ailments.
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it takes its rise in the want of entire public confidence in the
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excessive frequency of urination (unless due to other pathologic
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regulated in a great measure by the feeling of the individual.
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When and Where to Disinfect. — It naturally suggests itself that it