gives rise to irritation, and, may be, even to inflammation of these
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sion. The statement, as a matter of fact, is sufficient of itself
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1. Flexors, first experiment, 35 pounds. Extensors,
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which, after continuing daily injections, the doses being progressively in-
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education have been discussed within the last ten years,
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by i spring padlock. It may be mentioned in connexion with the
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condition as before ; and it was by no means certain whether
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Piggott Tumor Conference, third Wednesday, 12:00 noon, Piggott Hospital, every four months.
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ginning, and the case of diarrhoea simply diarrhoea
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etc.," p. 218. See also biography in American Encyclopedia.)
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experience it is much more common for the temperature to fall below
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are less easily acted upon than the corresponding organs in the
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36 years old had an attack of intestinal obstruction of a
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water-supply and proper sewerage, the gross death-rate
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frequent attacks of colic, drooping of the hands and fingers, wasting of the
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8 80 117 4-44 Immediately after his meal ha,s severe pain in
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no fracture of the skull was found, a copious fibrinopurulent exudate
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schr. f. orthop. Chir., Stuttg., 1891-2, i, 310-313.— Meyer
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three were successful in producing the lesion. This consisted of a hemor-
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The figures, indeed, seem to favour the view that the hospital is
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time devoted to psychiatry in medical schools. The medical student
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period that intervened between the first paroxysm denoting the
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tablets. NDC 0073-0033-25 in bottles of 250 tablets. CANTIL LIQUID. Each 5 m.
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such suture is immediately followed by return of previously abolished
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where her maid was in attendance. After Sir Charles Clarke had made
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sion should be practiced as much as possible (a) to oppose
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The line of ascent is not always a straight line, but being for a certain