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duced by the fever, there occurs the peculiar pros-
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have, by performing abdominal section, been enabled to give a
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The intimate relations of the two great systems of nerves, is still farther shown \>j
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chidism, latent tetany, aphasia, imbecility, achylia
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Submucous resection of septum. Two days later, 1 in. of costal
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istic, and the patient may shiver until he shakes the bed ; the teeth
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the pathology, causes, and treatment of this very common and some-
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nearly disappeared, the sclerotica was much whiter, and the
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many results worth inquiring about ; but, when the disease is
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held together by soft adhesions, were separated by the
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ed, a small membranous sac, about the size of a pea, and contain-
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previously he had an attack of enteric fever, which so resembled
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uraemia). We also find dysenteric diarrhoea. These troubles comprise
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and by the use of tonics, and nourishing diet, she soon was enabled to
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signing an agreement not to practise within 20 miles of the
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body of the uterus or of the endometrium is rare. In my own
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the case of a painter who fell from a smokestack, receiving a severe
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accompanied by pain in sacral region and thighs. This condi-
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quent occurrence, and that possibly he would never see another
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sounds stronger ; still a pronounced anremic murmur.
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prolonged illness or general myasthenia, be it organic or neurotic. The
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a veritable poison with its bite. On this subject a warm contest
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applied to the abdomen this morning, and we now gave
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Only first-stage tubercular cases are desired in the sanatoria.
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Ztsch. f. Nervenhkde. viii. 3 and 4, 1896. 33. VANDERVELDE. Journ. de Bruxelle*,
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of "traumatic" hysteria, and often prove to be among the most
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rod bacteria. It has further been observed in each morbid condition that