to lessen intensity of irritation by irritating a greater extent
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has followed this rule in his last seventy cases, and
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finger has been sometimes named the impudicus; the third, annu-
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State Normal Schools, Professor S. H. Clark, of the Chicago University,
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Strictures of the esophagus may be divided into the functional
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absence of pain, add materially to the advantages of this method.
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sometimes urgent. Vomiting occasionall}' occurs, and may be prominent
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in the hands, and recurred at every succeeding pregnancy when quickening
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from all causes registered in Tralee is from whooping-cough.
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ened in old cases, the vessels varicose, and the epithelium much "changed
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effusion. Of the 58 cases 4.5 were males, i;5 females ;
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ficial anus, finally performing a plastic operation to
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the administration of chloroform I applied the forceps. Through the influence
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roform. We hope that his method will receive a fair
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ment he improved vapidly, so that at the end of four months he had gained
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Considering the good results obtained by simple in-
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the students of medicine of this country, that we feel it would
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and the patient's mode of life must be modified; alcohol
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sporules producing them, are deposited on the scalp. It will be seen
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that time lost through illness be reduced to the minimum.
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ticular wound, and that therefore it must have been fired
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at rest in bed the leg is straight, and the foot in the natural
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diffusion over wide areas of certain morbific miasmata :
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arthritis. This increased uptake probably results from
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(ovals and spheres of the crescentic series, PI. 7, Figs. 25 to 27) develop from the
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somewhere — although it may be only now and then, when season
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different animal species ; and the eruptions of variola
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opened under stovaine spinal anaesthesia. The uterus was adherent
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(c) Meteorological. — ^We have already drawn attention to the
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Uretal stones are rare. They may be felt per rectum,
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of all gastric disturbances through an examination of the
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that preside over muscular motion, over vital assimilation, over
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particularly as regards the swelling and motility of the fin-