Nov. 26. Case of Multiple Aneurism. — Dr. W. F. Norris presented the
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lobelia must be used in emetic doses immediately on
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not leave disease behind larger than Vcm nodules. The
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Mr. J. M. Richards of 46, Holborn Viaduct, E.C., is the
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blue, preparetl by Dr. George Griibler, of Leipzig and
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fewer milliamperes. In this case, the cause is to be found in the
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Carlsbad, Bohemia. Translated from the Swedish by Edward
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bladder. I was here impressed with the rapidity with which
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Clinic of Dr. Henry R. M. Landis, University of Pennsylvania
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but at the present time, except for certain selected cases, the superior-
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averages given in chart II. The normal heart load is indi-
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is well advanced. There is evidence to show that the fibrosis
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them. Queen Anne's Qu.arter was especially named at the interview
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of the Physicians Recognition Award of the American Medical Association.
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manence of effect." Drs. Beard and Rockwell, 8 who have found both
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Bill for the prevention of the spread of infectious
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appendix being fruitless, and it being fairly evident that
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normal. The reflexes are normal in all the limbs. The facial muscles
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operation,with its longitudinal incision and transverse suture,
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an asylum for indigent old men and male lunatics, and
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relief of symptoms. Cough, he says, should always be
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sult was not so quickly obtained as in the beginning, but
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but its movements are attended with very great pain. The foot
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