to become gangrenous and the other on the verge of ul-
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live for many years in a condition of either incomplete or com[)lete dementia.
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Here were found, upon dissection, the effects of pleuro-
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section or mesogastric resection. The results of pylo-
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there some hours. Up to the tenth day from that time all these
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whatever may be the result of the vaccine inoculation — whatever the
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years passed away, and in 1872 the " lifeless delusion," as Holmes
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here, however, of no import; the system is a sound one, and we con-
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W. F. Eachus;) corner of Vernon and Shippen streets,
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all that pertains to its structural integrity and pathological relationships
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their nutritious juices. The feeding and circulatory movements,
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a room, it should be freed from all movable objects, thorough-
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time can not efface. There is nothing to dim the brightness of this annual
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in all preceding ages worthy of note. I will only take up sufficient
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cure of any ailment. And this is the reason why Euro-
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development of hospital gangrene during the boat transportation is a noticeable
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These things being premised, we will pass to the consid-
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struggles of T/te Lancet and of the successful attempts
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injection has been completed, and the placenta is filled with blood, a
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the injection was repeated after an interval of twenty-
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calculus or gaUrstone colic. Toxic jaundice may exist with calculus,
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dered sputum. In the first place, three attempts were
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throughout the prolonged period of his pilgrimage. But
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Again, if the urine contain much urea, a precipitate is formed
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loco plant in Montana is the Oxytropis lamberti Pursh., or Astraga-
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our pharmacopoeias fail to recognize as officinal, for decade after decade, which
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engaged in the practice of medicine, as well as for those imme-
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years ago, I was suddenly called to give an opinion relative to a person
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